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July 21, 2012
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AVENGERS+PKMN - enforcer by FerioWind AVENGERS+PKMN - enforcer by FerioWind
Nick Fury's team! I'm also pretty iffy on Fury's history, so some stuff is pretty vague....

His Pokemon are a bit different then all the other teams because Volcarona is the only one that's actually his. Both Mewtwo and Absol are employed as official agents of SHIELD, but are seen often enough by Fury's side that most people consider them his.

Fury found Volcarona as a Larvesta early in his life before the creation of SHIELD. He had recognized the potential power within Larvesta and it took it under his wing, training it to become the fearsome Volcarona it is today.

Absol was found after its multiple appearances at areas where disasters struck. Fury, realizing that Absol was actually somehow predicting these disasters, tracks down Absol to recruit it to aid SHIELD in preventing or at least minimizing the destruction caused by the disasters. Absol, though wary at first of Fury, agrees when it realizes that people actually want its help, not chase it away. So since then, Absol has been an agent of SHIELD who leads teams when it senses impending calamities.

Fury first heard of Mewtwo when reports came in of a secret research facility destroyed by a mysterious Pokemon. He follows up on the reports and eventually tracks down Mewtwo, who had been on the run traveling the world to experience life for itself. Fury knows it is being hunted down by the people who ordered its creation, so he offers Mewtwo a safe haven in SHIELD in return for its cooperation. Mewtwo, wary, but nevertheless interested by the offer, ends up agreeing and joining Fury and becoming an agent of SHIELD.

Though neither Mewtwo nor Absol have an actual master, Fury is one of the few humans they actually trust so they stick around him when not on missions or off doing their own thing.

Also because of Fury, Absols around the world began to be recruited by governments in order to prevent potential disasters from occuring!

And that's about it for Fury haha. Next up is another drawing of Bruce and his team, except this time as Bruce, not Hulk.
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daylover1313 Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ohhh yarh :-O 
Volcarona looks amazing! =D
Kaylio Jul 11, 2013  Student General Artist
hm... so this Marvel world was always occupied by Pokemon, and they aren't just a recent new addition?

Mewtwo looks bored XD
I'm cross-posting this:

these are so awesome -- in terms of initial concept, in terms of choices of models, and in terms of execution -- you are my new hero here!
I imagine that Fury occasionaly has moments where he wonders "what am I doing?" (only things he's involved in become really difficult) or he just feels drained from doing all that he does...

...And these guys show up just to be there and let him know they'll stand with him no matter what.

...And Mewtwo probably brings him something to drink, mostly because it's the only one who can. (just picture Mewtwo holding a bottle of Coca Cola or a cup of coffee)
KuramaEnzanBlues Jan 23, 2013  Student General Artist
That's really cool! I can see an Absol and Mewtwo being with his 'team'. A Larvesta?
cagemuma Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I love your pokémon drawings! They're completely amazing.
If only I could draw like you... :(
Soooo this picture basically says what we all knew about MR. Fury...he won. Doesn't matter the argument or situation, he won. If you can get Mewtwo to WORK for you, not cause it's in a pokeball. It works of its own free will...YOU good sir, have just won.

Great pieces. Sooo wheres the fanfic exactly?
Epic!!! I can totally see absol and mewtwo as his pokemon. And that Volcarona is freaking awesome!!!!

His team would've been perfect with Dusknoir, Hydreigon and zangoose:

The Dusknoir for obvious reasons.
The dusknoir story can be related with his missing eye, something like: Fury lost his eye proteting him, so Dusknoir joined his team to serve him as Furys left eye.

hydreigon because he is a dark dragon :) and because Fury is known for being smart and what simbolizes that better than having three heads

The zangoose because is a normal type and Fury doesnt have a superpower . Besides that, he is a cool and looks pissed (and that describes Fury perfectly!)
QuruPipit2012lolz Nov 10, 2012  Student Artist
he would have a mewtwo
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