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July 19, 2012
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AVENGERS+PKMN - discipline by FerioWind AVENGERS+PKMN - discipline by FerioWind
Maria Hill's team! Okay I will be honest, I really know nothing about her except for what was shown in the movie, which wasn't very much at all. All I got was: Fury's second-in-command and a badass. That, and she's meant to be a common man sort of character amongst the craziness of the Avengers like Coulson is. Soooo with those things I mind, I chose two Pokemon for her, Nidoqueen and Vespiquen.

Nidorans, Nidoqueen's pre-evo, are quite common, so I figured it'd be a good fit for someone who had a relatively normal childhood (I'm assuming....). It's growth into a Nidoqueen felt fitting for someone who's meant succeed Fury, so yeah, Hill found Nidoran as a young girl and her parents let her keep it.

Hill met Vespiquen as it was when it's colony was destroyed because of collateral damage from a bad guy's attack in a mission she was in. Enraged, Vespiquen attacked everyone blindly. It was tranq'd by Shield agents though, and Hill tried to explain to it that attacking everything solved nothing, that if it wanted justice it would need to work with them and fight properly. A queen without a kingdom, Vespiquen agreed and joined Hill.

Vespiquen has the ability Pressure, which pretty much makes opponents lose the ability to attack. I thought that was fitting for someone as imposing as Hill hahaha.

Anyways, next up is Nick Fury!
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Oh wow....Knowing Maria Hill's back story might have led to different pokemon but then again....I think they fit perfectly all things considered actually. It would just be a different light.
*bangs head furiously against wall* I -just- realized that they're both queens! Agh! Pretty fitting for the future leader of SHIELD.

Saw some of your work on a photoblip collage, searched for feriowind and I'm gonna say that you are on my watch list!


I can just see her having tea parties with the Nidoran when she was younger, a little bow around it's neck...
...Admittedly, I never did that with my dog, but it would have never sat still.
KuramaEnzanBlues Jan 23, 2013  Student General Artist
That's cool. Good job for doing this without much info in Hill.
Weirdo-Palkia-AWSOME Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Awsome picture! Those two really suit Hill!
Just as a random idea, how about drawing the X-men with Pokemon Teams?
Yeah, Vespiquen and Nidoqueen seem to suit Hill nicely. Nice picture!!
I would never have thought up such a well mached team for Maria. Kudos to you!
FerioWind Jul 23, 2012  Student Filmographer
:D Thank you!
gabrielsangel Jul 21, 2012  Student Artist
TEAM= PERFECT! Nidoqueen is the perfect pick for her! :D
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